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As a condition to my child entering Bumblebee Hive, I agree to the following terms and condition:

  1. I must remain in Westfield while the child is at Bumblebee Hive.
  2. Bumblebee Hive is a service for Westfield visitors only.
  3.      As per the government regulations, it is required that every child visiting Bumblebee Hive must wear socks. Socks available for purchase at the kiosk
  4. Charges are based on 30 minute blocks with a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 3 hours.
  5. My child is between the ages of 1 and 8.
  6. I authorise Bumblebee Hive to take my child to the toilet should the need arise.
  7.     Outside food apart from bottled milk, food for allergies not allowed. Snack package including food and drinks available for purchase at the kiosk.
  8.     I authorise Bumblebee Hive to use/take pictures of my child for publicity & social media.
  9. My child can use the facility for up to three hours.
  10. BumbleBee may contact me if there is a problem and I must return to Bumblebee Kiosk immediately.
  11. I indemnify BumbleBee against any claim relating to loss of personal belongings or damage arising out of personal injury to my child from any cause.
  12. For my child's safety, I must also sign my child Out.
  13. BumbleBee will assist my child from the store should an emergency arise.
  14. A qualified first Aid Attendant may administer first aid to my child, should it be deemed necessary by BumbleBee .
  15. My signature on the enrolment form acknowledges my acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  16. I have read and understand the rules of entry for the use of Bumblebee Hive