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Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions

BumbleBee Hive - You shop, we care for your little darlings

BumbleBee Hive, like all great ideas, was born out of necessity. The Founder and Director Joanna is also a young mother who needed to shop, make medical appointments, have essential beauty treatments, and catch up with friends and colleagues for a coffee or meeting.

As a young European professional, Jo was caught too many times racing out of a dressing room partially clothed to catch her toddler. The experience became negative and stressful for them both, until Jo conceived a short-term, safe, easy to book child care centre located right at the shopping centre, designed to reassure both parent and child that mum or dad was right there if needed.

Now proficient in English, Jo looked at the life she could make for her darling baby daughter Maya in Australia, and at the business opportunities in helping other young mothers with more convenient baby products and a timely care service that could lighten their burdens, at least while they shopped, met friends for a breather, or had a date at the movies.

Skilled in management; dancing, face painting, gymnastic and creative play activities, Jo began looking for skilled qualified carers, and a safe happy space to locate.

The company name BumbleBee Hive, The First Class Child Educational Activity Centre was created in Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre; soon to be replicated in other large shopping centres.

Qualified Care

Safe, Affordable Children Activity Centre - where you need the most

BumbleBee Hive surveyed parents of young children in Brisbane to find out what they wanted in a short-term child care situation. Their answers confirmed our own experiences, and our planning
  • • Qualified, blue carded carers with welcoming, warm and caring natures, and good English skills
  • • No phone or internet access whilst carers were working ( We did not want our team checking their phones when they are caring for your precious children )
  • • Creative and happy learning activities, so the child can enjoy their time as much as their parents
  • • A safe and secure area, located close by, with tight security measures including security cameras.
  • • A reasonable price point - $20 per hour
  • • Every child with documentation, to inform us on allergies, preferences, contact details
  • • Correct Insurance procedures; Responsible ethics and Quality Assurance.