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How do I save money by using BumbleBee Hive ?

We are all guilty of spending money to pacifiy our children while we shop. Poor quality, one-time use toys; snacks and candy ; pester-power in the supermarket aisles blowing out our budget; even paying for our little girls to have their nails done with us at $25 each time! Or choosing an outfit that costs too much and doesn’t really suit us, because we are pressed for time and our toddler is upset. (Some say we even save their marriages with lunch or dinner / movie dates while their children play safely with us!) Save your money with efficient use of your time and considered purchases; with our affordable hourly charge.

What will I, and my child, need to bring ?

– Your Driver’s License ( ID)

– A pair of socks to wear in the play centre

– A change of nappy / clothes if necessary

– A mobile contact number so that we can call you at anytime should your child become upset

What is the sign in / sign out process ?

At your first visit, you will complete a detailed registration form, showing allergies, toileting instructions and so on for your child, and you will receive a password & personal family registration number – known only to you. If you need someone else to pick up your child, you would be responsible for sharing those details with them. Please allow a little extra time to complete your child’s Registration , read carefully and complete it ahead of time. Every visit after that will be a quick and easy sign in/ sign out system at the desk. Because our staff will be focussed on caring for children, we will not be able to take a great deal of time with you at the front desk, so please familiarise yourself with the details here.

Will you take my child to the bathroom ?

Your Registration Form will indicate your preferences on nappy changes and toileting. Your options are to take your child to the bathroom yourself, or authorise us to securely take your child to the bathroom. We would suggest for a hair appointment for example, the latter may be the most suitable for you.

How long can you care for my child?

Local authorities recommend short term child care of this kind should be no longer than 3 hours. We believe a 3 hour period should cover most needs and be a good experience for your child.

Can I leave the Shopping Centre ?

No, you must be at the Shopping Centre

How many children can you care for ?

Best practise requires 9 children per qualified adult, this may be flexible dependant on the age of the child.

Can you take my baby ?

Yes, we can care for them and involve them in activities. Prior to this they will typically be happy to remain in your stroller or pram.

Do you separate younger and older children ?

Yes, we find it makes for safer, more age appropriate activities.

What activities are important at BumbleBee Hive?

Our Directors believe that children need more social play and less screen time, so we are keen to draw out their imagination with art, crafts and make believe. Research tells us that many young children can operate devices like Ipads and phones but may struggle with manual dexterity tasks . We think that play is important. If your child is accustomed to being soothed with an electronic device we will invite them to join play as their confidence in us grows.

What will you do if my child becomes upset ?

Our qualified carers will try to soothe your child in a timely and appropriate manner. If they are unwell, or inconsolable we will call you immediately.

Can I pop back to check my child is happy and well?

Of course. It may help for them not to see you though, if it has taken time to settle them, and they are obviously happy and comfortable.

My child has specific health or emotional issues.

Please talk to us if your child has important or life-threatening health issues. Dependant on the individual circumstances and our ability to care adequately, we will make a considered care decision.

What are the costs ?

$18 per hour , with discount rates for members and multiple bookings and ongoing specials. Please refer to our prices page for details.

When is BumbleBee Hive Open?

We are open 7 days a week according to Westfield trading hours – Weekdays 9am till 5pm , and until 9pm on Thursday nights

BumbleeBee Hive Care Qualifications

• Each caregiver is Childcare Cert 3 and First Aid Qualified; hold current Blue Cards; and each has been screened by the relevant State Police Check.

• The Centre is licensed to operate and covered by insurance.

If I have a complaint ?

We want you to advise us immediately of any concerns, so we can quickly resolve the issue to your satisfaction, either in person, or by emailing us at info@bumblebeehive.com.au